Wonder Vision Awards Recognize Several in Radio

January 16, 2009

Las Vegas - Jan 15, 2009 - The Wonder Vision Awards were presented at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Presented by Stevie Wonder, Sendero Group and the National Federation of the Blind, the awards recognize efforts that assist people with sight disabilities. The best products received the Wonder Vision Award. These companies were recognized:

  • Accenda for Ipod voice-control and Surfboard universal remote
  • Blue Ant V1 voice control headset for audio coaching built-into the headset
  • National Public Radio for its accessible digital radio broadcast services initiative
  • Ibiquity Digital for its support of accessible digital radio technology
  • Dice Electronics for making the first accessible digital radio reading service receiver
  • NDS for the conditional access technology that supports the copyright exemption for reading service content
  • Sensory, manufacturers of the voice chips in several products
  • TalkingThermostats.com for completely verbal thermostats
  • Elecraft K3 talking ham transceiver
  • Apple for the Ipod Nano for speech-enabled from Itunes
  • Monster Cable Products for its willingness to add accessible features to its products
  • Audible.com for a good Web interface and enabling Audible books on several devices for the blind
  • Olympus, DS-61 for off-the-shelf digital recorder with speech prompts
  • Google for one of the most accessible websites available and its willingness to work on access technology in a number of ways
  • A&D Engineering for developing a talking blood pressure monitor
  • International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) for its quest for print accessibility
  • Doro Mobile Phones for easy-to-use phones
  • Ultmost Technology for lifestyle-enhancing electronics
  • Innotech Systems for wireless and voice control technology

    The following were recognized for providing usable products with good potential:

  • Orbyx Electronics for their Nexxteck Model 2218202 talking digital multimeter
  • Kenwood for its voice readout technology in radios such as the TMG-707A
  • The International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) for developing standards for vision-free digital radios

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