World Broadcasting Union Recommends RadioDNS

July 12, 2013

Ontario, QC - July 11, 2013 - The World Broadcasting Union (WBU) is group of eight broadcasting unions from around the globe that includes the European Broadcast Union. The group met in June 2013 and recommended and encouraged the use of receivers that link radio and Internet services, according to EBU tech news.

The system recommended in particular is RadioDNS, an open standard that links radio stations with content provided via the Internet. The RadioDNS-equipped receiver examines the identification data broadcast along with a radio service via, for example RDS (for FM) or as part of the DAB/DAB+ signal. This is passed, via an Internet connection, to a Radio Domain Name Server - hence the name RadioDNS - which in turn locates the correct website, and delivers the appropriate Web content to the radio receiver. In this way, if the radio station over-the-air coverage fails, the receiver can stream the same content via a wireless internet connection (in a moving vehicle, for example). In fact the radio can switch back and forth between O-T-A and Internet depending upon the coverage circumstances.

The EBU is an active participant in the work of the RadioDNS organization and has endorsed the system in its own recently published Recommendation on Digital Radio Distribution. A set of open source tools that help broadcasters to launch their own RadioDNS services is available at

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