WorldDMB applauds the launch of DAB+ in France

July 1, 2014

Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB AMD

A very interesting article has been published by WorldDMB entitled “Digital Radio in France—A European Story.”

“WorldDMB welcomes the launch of digital radio in France on 20th June, 2014. This launch creates the opportunity for France to join other European markets in embracing digital radio - to enhance the service offering for listeners (greater choice, improved sound quality, data services) and help secure the long term strategic future of the industry. By making a commitment to digital broadcast, France can sustain the development of radio - both within in its own borders and across the continent.”

Perhaps more interesting though is the summary taken on a nation-by –nation basis of the status of DAB and DAB+ across Europe, which I''ll summarize below:

• Countries with DAB / DAB+ services account for 50% of all new car sales in Europe; if Italy is included, the figure reaches 60%
• Norway is the first country to commit to a Digital Switch Over (planned for 2017)
• UK is committed to DAB; receiver sales have grown by 29% in three years
• Denmark and Switzerland are ‘progressing well''
• Germany and the Netherlands have experienced recent nationwide DAB+ launches
• The European Broadcasting Union is calling for digital radio across Europe

The DAB standard is firmly established in the UK; in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany the standard is DAB+. Italy, yet to launch officially, has transmitters covering 70% of the population. The four most developed markets in Europe are the UK, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland – with penetration of digital radio sets ranging between 33% and 48% of households. In the UK market over the last three years, receiver sales have grown by nearly 30%, from 2.1m in 2010 to 2.7m in 2013. Growth is being driven by the inclusion of digital radio as standard in new cars. In the UK, 55% of new cars now come with digital radio as standard.

You can read the entire piece by clicking on this link.

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