2004 Product Source

2004 Product Source

The collection of products in this year's Product Source offer real solutions to everyday needs. There is information on more than 200 innovative products in this supplement, making it an invaluable resource. Each listing offers a detailed description of the product or service, the company's contact information and most feature a photo of the equipment for your evaluation. There are products to fit various station sizes and budgets.

Many of the products featured in this year's Product Source debuted at NAB2004, including a review of the Radio magazine 2004 Pick Hit award recipients. Also, check out the new additions to the Product Source. Four pages in this issue have been dedicated to unique items that may be handy at the transmitter site, on a remote, in the field production kit or on your bookshelf. Some of these items are not the usual broadcast fare, so they may fill that special need that you may have.

The Radio magazine 2004 Product Source is a resource that you can refer to throughout the coming year.

Also, I welcome your feedback on this annual supplement. Perhaps you use a product that has filled a need like no other. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to radio@primediabusiness.com.

-- Kari Taylor, associate editor