2008 Product Source

2008 Product Source

2008 Product Source

The 2008 Product Puzzle
Every year the Radio magazine Product Source is a bit of a puzzle. As you can see from the cover, we've featured a lot of products over the years. The whole process is a big to-do: scouring our database for products we have not run in the magazine, making sure we have a good balance and filling up our special sections. The layout itself is always a giant effort as we try to include as many products as we can. And we do it all for you. We have a seemingly limitless supply of new products at the ready for you. In fact, our twice-a-month New Products Extra! newsletter is reaching its seventh month of bringing the latest and greatest right to your inbox! If you're not receiving it, sign up now at RadioMagOnline.com.

Now, it's your turn to tackle a puzzle. As a special feature this year (and probably for years to come) we are running a sweepstakes in conjunction with a fill-in puzzle on our back page. Check out page 38 for full rules and details, but you won''t want to miss this opportunity to win a prize from Wireworks valued at $250. All it takes is a bit of time and some puzzle skills. And a little historical knowledge, but isn''t that what the Internet is good for?

Kick back and enjoy this Product Source, as it has been a great year for new products! We're so proud to be your source.

Erin Shipps,
Associate editor

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