2010 Product Source

2010 Product Source

2010 Product Source

The 2010 Product Source
We know you're looking for new product information, and the annual Product Source from Radio magazine is a great way to learn about the latest offerings. With scores of products in this year's edition, this year's Product Source is a valuable tool you can reference for months to come. Each listing offers a detailed description of the product or service and the company's contact information, and most feature a photo.

All this information is also posted at RadioMagOnline.com, and it's indexed alphabetically, so you can reference it online as well.

Many of the products featured in this year's Product Source debuted at the 2010 NAB Show. We have also included a recap of the Radio magazine 2010 Pick Hit award recipients that were announced at the convention and profiled in the June issue. In addition, we have included some special sections of products with a related focus.

There is one change from previous editions of the Product Source: This one is the same size as our regular issue. While the double-sized pages of previous editions set the supplement apart from our regular issue, this traditional size is easier to carry and keep on your shelf for future reference.

This supplement will be distributed at the upcoming Radio Show and the 129th AES convention. We hope to see you at one of these conventions.

Thanks for reading the 2010 Product Source.

Chriss Scherer

Product Information You Need - 2010 Product Source

Many of the products featured in this year's Product Source debuted at the 2010 NAB Show.

2010 Product Source - Products

Looking for new technology? Look to the 2010 Product Source from Radio magazine.

2010 Pick Hits

The 15 top new products of the 2010 NAB Show as selected by the Pick Hits panel of radio engineers.

2010 Product Source - Portable Production

Handy devices for field production and remotes.

2010 Product Source - Beyond These Walls

When the work takes you outside the studio, look to these products to make the work easier.

2010 Product Source - Station Services

Services, software and technology for the infrastructure.

2010 Product Source - Reference Room

Some desktop and computer references to help you with your job.

2010 Product Source Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the 2010 Product Source issue of Radio magazine.