2012 Product Source

2012 Product Source

2012 Product Source

Your Facility: Built on a Solid Foundation

Any successful radio facility starts with a solid foundation. The right room design. The right racks and furniture. The right equipment. They all come together to create a performance space to make great radio. As you look to build or upgrade your facility's foundation, you can look to the pages of the Radio magazine 2012 Product Source. We're always on the lookout for new equipment and services, and each year we put this issue together to highlight some of the latest technology for you.

Radio magazine brings you new product information all the time. Each monthly issue has a new products section. Our twice-monthly New Products Extra email newsletter is packed with new products. And all that information is also posted online at RadioMagOnline.com. We've culled the information we have gathered over the past year to bring this annual compendium to you.

Much of what you'll find inside was shown at the 2012 NAB Show. To complement that convention's trove, you will also see the 2012 Pick Hits distributed within these pages. But was also look beyond tradition broadcast circles and look at pro audio and IT products. Everything in this issue fills a need for radio. There are also several special sections that tie products to a specific function of radio.

And as always, you'll find all this information online as well at RadioMagOnline.com. We included a QR code in the print issue to quickly access the index from your mobile device and you can take it all with you.

We have constructed an extensive mix of new products and services, but we know there's always more. If you have found an interesting device, product or service, tell us about it. Like you, we want to know about the latest new technology, and we want to share it with you and your fellow readers.

2012 Product Source - Products

Looking for new technology? Look to the 2012 Product Source from Radio magazine.

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2012 NAB Show

20 products were chosen by the Radio magazine Pick Hits panel.

2012 Product Source - Portable Production

Handy devices for field production and remotes.

2012 Product Source - Out and About

Useful items to simplify remotes.

2012 Product Source - Beyond These Walls

When the work takes you outside the studio, look to these products to make the work easier.

2012 Product Source - Station Services

Services, software and technology for the infrastructure.

2012 Product Source - Reference Room

Handy references for your bookshelf

2012 Product Source Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the 2012 Product Source issue of Radio magazine.