2013 Product Source

2013 Product Source

2013 Product Source

The Right Connections

What makes a facility run? All the equipment of course, but very little runs solely on its own. While each piece of equipment performs part of the function, it''s the connection to the next step in the chain that make it a system. All these connections make a facility.

And that''s what the Radio magazine Product Source is all about. This compendium of products is designed to connect you to all this technology. From the microphone to the antenna, and even the streaming server, portable recorder and IP codec, all the connections are made within. And now you''re fully connected as well.

With scores of products in this year''s edition, this year''s Product Source is a valuable tool you can reference for months to come. Each listing offers a detailed description of the product or service and the company''s contact information. All this information is also posted at RadioMagOnline.com, and it''s indexed alphabetically, so you can reference it online as well. (Note the QR code to get you there faster.)

Many of the products featured in this year''s Product Source debuted at the 2013 NAB Show. We have also included a recap of the Radio magazine 2013 Pick Hit award recipients that were announced at the convention and profiled in the June issue. In addition, we have included some special sections of products with a related focus.

This supplement will also be distributed at the upcoming Radio Show. And if you like the digital edition, you can access it from the Radio magazine website, too.

Thanks for reading the 2013 Product Source.

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