April 2009

April 2009

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IP remotes: Instantly Practical

Learning how to use IP codecs takes a little time and may require some patience on your part. Using IP codecs for remotes can provide some excellent results.

Station Upgrade: KEXS

It's not uncommon to find elevated tower bases, but to see a transmitter building sitting on 9' stilts is rather unusual. See why KEXS chose to not only raise the roof but also raise the entire building.

Fuel Cells

Battery technology hasn't kept up with the advancements in technology of the myriad of portable devices available now. Wouldn't it be great to have an alternative power source that was easily portable (unlike a generator), that worked day or night (unlike solar cells)?

Radio Excellence Awards Winner 2009

Congratulations to all the entrants in this year's Excellence Awards contest from Radio magazine. The entries represent the highest standard of radio technology. Special congratulations to Cox Radio Birmingham for winning this year's award.

Keep an Eye Out

Whether or not you use video surveillance at your station will largely depend on how secure you need the facility to be, compared to what you are willing to invest. The benefits of using video surveillance can speak for themselves in terms of reducing the chance of experiencing lost air time.

Rack-mounting computers

Trouble mounting a computer in a rack? You can try to make do with modified shelves, or get the right hardware for the job.

Repairing Flat-panel monitors

Most LCD screens were not meant to operate 24/7. Here's a capacitor upgrade that may buy you some extra life.

Headphone Amp Power Upgrade

Finding new uses of old equipment helps the bottom line. How about getting more power out of a power amp? If the stereo amp can be converted to bridging mode, there's hope.

IP audio: The new audio format

Analog audio was simple. It could be transmitted easily and heard with anything. Digital audio complicate things, but standards help. Now we have IP audio. Is this the replacement for AES3?

Filing fees, moment method modeling and broadcasting phone calls

The FCC was not able to implement the new application fees in January, so despite the Federal Register notice the agency has continued to charge the old fees. But the latest announced implementation date, April 28, is firm.

Field Report: Intrinsic Net Studio Hawk

Several versions of the Hawk and now the Studio Hawk have been an indispensible safety net for our operations in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa for several years now. I feel comfortable enough to "disengage" from constant monitoring knowing the Studio Hawk will alert me the minute any one of our stations has an audio problem.

Field Report: Genelec 6010A & 5040A

Genelec's 6010A and 5040A active speaker system allows for portable and compact studio reference monitoring with no sacrifice of quality and accuracy. Setup is a breeze and the acoustic design makes for stellar performance in not-so-stellar environments.

Kintronic Labs Kinstar

The first field-installed Kinstar antenna system is in use at KCST-AM, Florence, OR.

April New Products

New products from Auralex Acoustics, Axia Audio, Broadcast Electronics, Day Sequerra, Enco Systems, Marantz, Sonifex and Yamaha.

Entertainment industry going green, BE Spotmaster

Looking back at Broadcast Electronic's 1959 Spotmaster and looking ahead at the entertainment industry going green.

Radio Currents Podcast for April 2, 2009

Radio Currents for Apr 2, 2009: BIA and SNL Kagan say 2009 radio revenues will be bad, Mercedes-Benz extends HD Radio availability in 2010, Barix plans IP audio workshops, Enco Systems expands the automation systems at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, and Talkback looks for doppelgangers.

Radio Currents Podcast for April 9, 2009

Radio Currents for Apr 9, 2009: Land Rover adds HD Radio to 2009 models, NCE FMs are still at bay with TV6 despite DTV, the NAB takes another swing at performance fees, and Adobe releases an update to Audition 3.

Radio Currents Podcast for April 16, 2009

Radio Currents for Apr 16, 2009: Internet-only radio and digital radio gain acceptance, five radio websites make the Webby Awards nominee list, Klotz Digital and Euphonix form a sales partnership, Imediatouch adds support for Traffic Reconciliation ID numbers, and a cart machine innovator dies.

Radio Currents Podcast for April 23, 2009

Radio Currents for Apr 23, 2009: The Radio magazine Pick Hits are selected, the NAB Show sees a 20 percent attendance drop, the SBE promotes Heimerl and Scherer to Fellow, and the APRE honors Kean and Danko.

Radio Currents Podcast for April 30, 2009

Radio Currents for Apr 30, 2009: The SBE steps up educational programs, The Crystal Radio Award winners are announced, David Antoine moves to WBGO, and RTW looks for the oldest 1206 meter still in use.

Radio Mag Online Podcast for April 2009

The Radio Mag Online podcast for April 2009: Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer talks to Jon McClintock of APT Licensing about the APT hardware division being sold to Audemat.

Contributor Pro-File: Bob Newberry

This month: Meet Bob Newberry, Clear Channel Radio Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, AL

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