April 2011

April 2011

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NPR Defunding

It seems to be a national debate, but it has real effects on local stations.

Trends in Technology: Monitoring HD Radio

It's now far easier to build an IBOC monitoring system than it was five years ago.

Clear Channel Chicago Upgrades Audio Network

The root of the upgrade involved a transition from a serviceable but outdated networked audio system to a Harris VistaMax platform.

Choosing a Network Switch for Audio Over IP

While all network switches carry Ethernet packets, there are limits to how many packets a switch can handle. Even an expensive business-class gigabit Ethernet switch may not be up to snuff.

Broadband to the Car

The car is becoming a mobile media room. How does radio fit in?

FCC Modifies Radio Move-In Policies

Licensing a station for a small community with the intent of serving an urban metro is getting new scrutiny from the FCC.

Field Report: FM Services TLM-1

Here's a microprocessor-based system designed to monitor a tower's beacons, obstruction lamps, flash rate, photo control operation -- even the presence of an ATU heater bulb for winter months.

Field Report: Audio-Technica AT4040

Gil Wilson overcomes his fear of condenser mics and welcomes the AT4040 into his facility.

NAB New Products (April 2011)

Some last looks at products to be shown at the 2011 NAB Show.

Transmission Line Pressure Monitoring

Dehydrators and nitrogen are the common gas sources, but are you absolutely sure of the line pressure and supply pressure?

Sample and Hold: Radio in Time of Crisis

While the Japan Earthquake is in the news today, the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake is still being dealt with. We look at the role media played in that tragic event.

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Radio magazine Honored in Missouri Association of Publications 5th Annual Ranly Awards

Facility Showcase in the December 2010 issue wins the Best Written Single Article award.

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