April 2013

April 2013

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The Next Radio Listener

The smartphone is the most-used personal device. Radio should own it.

Fresh Digs for Emmis Terre Haute

After more than 50 years, this original studio facility was due for an upgrade.

Remote Site Access and Connectivity via Wireline

There's nothing worse than having something bad happen at the transmitter site, and not being able to see exactly what it is. The ability to take action remotely is clearly just as important.

Site Security in a Post 9/11 World

The potential threats are physical and electronic. Prepare for both.

LPFM Window on the Horizon

The FCC is moving swiftly to clear out and grant the FM translators that will not preclude future low-power FM (LPFM) stations.

Field Report: Rode Reporter

With an extra-long handle, the Rode Reporter is well suited to capturing live interviews.

Field Report: Belar FMCS-1

Long-time Belar user Mike Kernen has updated his monitoring with the company's latest test tool.

2013 NAB Show New Products

Deva Broadcast, Henry Engineering, OMT, V-Soft and more

Side by Side: On-air Audio Processors

The current wave of processors has also overcome the problem of achieving loudness at the cost of losing quality. Advances in limiting and compression techniques allow some of the musicality to be preserved.

Working with Corian

Need to drill a hole in Corian? Mount something to Corian? Here are some tips.

Handy Tools: Sensible Products

Two handy items to add to your toolbox.

20 Years of Radio magazine: March 1994

Among other stories, we showed a side-by-side comparison of various forms of audio playback systems, which included carts, 3.5" floppy, Bernoulli disks, 3.5" magneto-optical disks, CD, mini-disc and DAT.

Cisco Reports 2012 World Mobile Web Stats

Not surprisingly, all the data usage specs are up, but the amounts are interesting to note.

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