April 2014

April 2014

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When It's Time for a Change

For 17 years, Chriss Scherer has been the editor of Radio magazine. He is moving on to start the next chapter in his career.

The Motor Racing Network Takes to the Road

When building its new broadcast production vehicle, MRN applied lessons learned from the past.

Update on Transmitters

The technology is tried-and-true but smaller size can handle more power than ever before.

Tower Lease Renegotiation

Beware of aggressive tactics from the tower tenants when it comes time to renegotiate the lease.

On-air Missteps to Avoid

Lee Petro reviews several on-air missteps that can lead to sizable forfeitures.

New Products (April 2014)

New products to be seen at the 2014 NAB Show from Audio-Technica, Comrex, Inovonics, Myers and more.

Applied Technology: Streaming with the MPEG HE-AAC Audio Codec

There are several audio codecs in use for streaming but they vary significantly in their ability to provide and maintain reliable audio quality at low bit rates.

Side by Side: Studio Furniture

While the studio furniture may seem like just a spot to place the console and mic booms, it defines how the entire room functions.

Practical Use: Circulators and Isolators

These two devices, related in function and form, are indispensible when working with RF.

This Month in SBE History: The First National Elections

John Battison was the founder and first president. In 1966, the first national elections were held and Charlie Hallinan became the society's president.

Do You Remember? Jim Kerr Celebrates 40 Years On the Air in New York City

His career in radio began when he was 21 working mornings at WPLJ.

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