August 2009

August 2009

Julius Genachowski joins renewed FCC

There's a new man at the helm of the FCC. Julius Genachowski has served as chief counsel to former FCC chairman Reed Hundt as well as being involved with media and telecommunications, so at least he joins the agency with some familiarity as to its function.

Web Radio

To the uninitiated, it seems like quite a challenge to get a station's Internet stream up and running. With questions about royalties, content, owners and streaming sponsors, it's more involved than plugging a studio feed into a media encoder.

WILQ rebuilds transmitter site

In the wee hours of the morning the logging truck was hot-wired and taken for a ride on top of Bald Eagle Mountain, the location of WILQ's transmitter site. The driver proceeded to drive the truck straight through the front of the building, using the front door as a target.

New Products - August 2009

New products from Ace Products/Kaces, AEQ, Airtools, Day Sequerra, Dixon Systems, Furman Sound, Gepco International, Harris, Nautel, Small Plate Radio, Yellowtec and more.

Alternative power systems

While approaches using the sun, wind, sub-surface heating and water cause no pollution and little-to-no operational expense once installed, they have been relatively costly to deploy.

AM stations authorized to use FM translators

Under the new rules, AM stations may rebroadcast only on "currently authorized" commercial-band FM translators.

Field Report: Microgen TS9080

Tim Diehl gives the Microgen TS9080 100 percent thumbs up. It is an outstanding test tool and a must for serious engineers.

Mounting Power Supplies

We're a power-hungry industry. Electrical power, that is. As our technological diversity increases, our demand for power and reliance on power supplies follows.

Economics of Replacement Power Supplies

While the manufacturer can provide a replacement supply, finding your own replacement may result in a savings.

Antique radios

Steve Johnson has an extensive collection of antique radios. We highlight a few of the more interesting items.

Ads people ignore

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 46 percent of adults are ignoring Internet banner ads. However, 91 percent of radio listeners are listening to radio ads.

Currents Headlines from the August 2009 Issue

The online headlines from the August 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Sales call for the week of Aug 13 - Aug 19

Tieline delivers Wimax IP soccer broadcast, CBC/Radio Canada chooses Solid State Logic, Audio-Technica sends 3,000 microphones to Winter Olympic Games.

Sales call for the week of Aug 6 - Aug 12

Klotz Digital installs in Croatia, Profline contracts with SBS Broadcasting Media.

Sales call for the week of Jul 30 - Aug 5

2HR installs Sonifex S2 consoles, Newcap Radio chooses Axia consoles for two studio rebuild projects, and Kidd Kraddick streams video with Newtek.

Radio Currents Podcast for Aug 6, 2009

Radio Currents for Aug 6, 2009: Wide Orbit buys the assets of Google automation; WAMU-FM wins the NAB's HD Radio Multicast Award; the SBE elections are underway; Hal Kneller joins Nautel; Eyal Goldwerger takes over as CEO of Targetspot; and Radio Shack become The Shack.

Radio Currents Podcast for Aug 13, 2009

Radio Currents for Aug 13, 2009: Radio magazine is recognized in the SBE's annual awards program, a new Net bill neutrality is introed in the House, and the 2010 NAB Show calls for tech papers.

August 2009 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the August 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Tim Diehl

This month: Tim Diehl, CBRE, Owner/President; RF Solutions, Tulsa, OK