August 2011

August 2011

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Still Think Streaming is Not Important?

Pandora and iHeartRadio are in the news. They're going after the millions of potential online listeners that could be listening to streams from radio stations.

Remote Site Control

The basics of raise, lower and status have evolved into multiple control paths and SMTP, SNMP, NTP and functionality.

Dial Global: A National Move

Dial Global has undergone tremendous growth in the past three years, including acquiring Waitt Radio Networks and Jones Radio Networks in 2008. This drove the need to develop a technical infrastructure to support the most advanced technology in network radio today. Simply put: Dial Global needed a bigger boat.

Monitoring PPM for Online Streams

Arbitron provides an encoding monitor for every encoded audio service, including Web streams. Mike Kernen devised a way to monitor his six online streams.

Building Codes and RS222-G

TIA-222 has been around since 1949, but it has seen several revisions. Here's a review of the current standards.

LPFM/FM Translator Resolution in Sight?

The FCC has proposed the creation of LPFM ceiling floors that would condition the processing of FM translator applications on the availability of spectrum remaining in local markets for LPFM use.

2011 Product Source

The Radio magazine annual compendium of new products, including the Radio magazine Pick Hits and special sections highlighting remotes, production and more.

Field Report: RDL EZ-MCP1 Mic Compressor

This inline compressor works its magic at the microphone low-impedance level, which Chris Wygal found handy for his remotes.

Field Report: Behringer EPA150

Gil Wilson has found a PA that takes up little space, provides enough sound to cover smaller areas and save his back all at the same time.

111C Coils: A Golden Find

These former mainstays of telephone circuits are audio gold.

Do You Remember: Vintage Radios

Radio works of art from the Golden Age of radio.

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The online headlines from the August 2011 issue of Radio magazine.

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Links to the advertisers in the August 2011 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Conrad Trautmann

This month: Conrad Trautmann, CPBE, Executive Vice President Technology, Dial Global, New York

Contributor Pro-File: Eric Wiler

This month: Contributor Pro-File: Eric Wiler, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Engineering and Operations, Dial Global, Denver