August 2013

August 2013

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Peer Recognition

For the station engineer, the work we do is often a mystery to others at the station. But it''s still important to show the value in your work to your supervisor and your peers.

From There to Hear: Audio Over IP

Using IP for audio contribution is now the norm. Here's a recap of the current tech.

Clear Channel, Gadsden AL: Small Market, Big Presence

Rebuilding on a budget can still make a showcase facility

2013 Product Source

The Radio magazine annual compendium of new products, including the Radio magazine Pick Hits and special sections highlighting remotes, production and more.

Public Safety and Radio Broadcasting

Public warning has become an important role for radio as a first informer.

COPPA-ing with New Website Collection Rules

The Children Online Privacy Protection Act has been in effect since 2000, but recent FTC rule changes apply to online data collection methods.

Field Report: StreamGuys and AdsWizz

All Classical Portland found what it believes is the right mix to reach an ever-more-important online streaming audience.

Side by Side: Headset Mics

While sports may be the primary use for headset mics, they offer features that are suitable to other live broadcast uses.

Obtaining Elevation Profiles with Google Earth

It used to be that you had to buy access to a 3-second database to run elevation profiles. But not any more.

20 Years of Radio magazine: November 1994

Covered in that issue: Datacasting, satellite technology, digital radio transmission system testing and several digital audio product introductions.

Currents Headlines from the August 2013 Issue

The online headlines from the August 2013 issue of Radio magazine.

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