December 2009

December 2009

A deserved punishment for KWVE?

The reality is that EAS does not really work as well as it was intended. Editor Chriss Scherer does not believe any broadcast station should ever, as part of a standard plan, originate an alert.

The Future of Radio (after 2009)

Radio is beginning to have significant competition; will it continue to stand the test of time?

Bonneville Phoenix moves its three-station operation

The complexity of Bonneville Phoenix operation is apparent with just a short visit to the new facility. It would be next to impossible to operate as it is today had it remained in its downtown space.

Nice PAD

Porting a data stream to an RBDS encoder or HD Radio importer often requires some kind of conversion step. There are commercial products and services to do this, but it can be done in house.

Iphone tools

Gary Kline suggested one of his favorite Iphone apps for radio engineers, Islipstick.

Safety in the workplace

The upcoming generation of radio engineers will encounter a new ease of measurement as a fact of the Commission's new directional antenna proof rules.

NPR asks FCC to end TV-6 protection rules

The NPR proposal is unrelated to the proposals of the Minority Media and Communications Council and the Broadcast Maximization Committee, which want the FCC to look into the allocation of current TV-5 and TV-6 spectrum for use by radio broadcasters.

Field Report: Trilithic Easy Cast

While important, EAS can be tricky. The EASyCAST encoder/decoder from Trilithic has taken away most if not all of the potential EAS headaches.

New Products - Dec 2009

New products from American Audio, APW Mayville, Belden, NTI Audio, Sonifex, Studio Technologies, Tascam and more.

KZUN circa 1970

A look back at photos from KZUN in Opportunity, WA, courtesy of Bill Harms.

How U.S. Adults Use Audio

According to a study by the Council for Research Excellence and The Nielsen Company, broadcast radio accounts for more than half of all audio media exposure each day.

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