December 2011

December 2011

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Passing the (EAS) Test

Was the national EAS test a total failure? Hardly. There were problems, but the test was successful in bringing these problems to light.

Ethernet-based Audio Routing: A How-to Guide

To remove some of the mystery, we look at the differences between the products of three manufacturers by designing a hypothetical radio station.

Backstage at A Prairie Home Companion

It's an old-time radio program feel, but with modern production techniques.

MPLS Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching is a highly scalable alternative method to route different types of data through a common network.

A Change in Interference Protection Rules?

A recent petition for rulemaking filed with the Commission would change the interference protection rules for the non-reserved FM band to largely match the rules in other services.

Field Report: Orban Optimod-FM 8600

Bill Eisenhamer of Lincoln Financial Media California likes the familiar feel and updated features of the Orban processor.

Field Report: Harris PR&E NetWave

These Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania stations chose the NetWave to broadcast a high-quality on-air product while remaining within budget.

Side by Side: Acoustic Tiles

If the studio doesn't sound good, the on-air product won't sound good either. Here are some products to control the acoustics.

New Products (December 2011)

New products from AudioScience, JK Audio, Liquid Compass and more.

Tech Tips: Using Ferrites

Ferrites are helpful components in the fight against RF interference.

Sign Off: Women's Radio Usage

An Alan Burns and Associates survey looks at women's radio and media listening and usage habits.

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