February 2009

February 2009

President Obama's changes to the FCC

The bad taste of former Chairman Kevin Martin still lingers, but immediate efforts are being made to cleanse that memory. The first step was President Obama naming Michael Copps to be the interim chairman of the FCC.

Choosing a small wind turbine for your station

If you look closely at most power consumers you will find the majority use power with less-than-ideal efficiency; that is likely because over the last 100 years or more electric power has been easy to come by and, for the most part, cheap. There has been little if any economic incentive to maximize the efficiency of electrical usage.

Tips, tricks, hints and more on mic and headphone cables, and staying organized

Watch out for snakes Robin Cross, chief engineer at KCUR-FM Kansas City, needed a snake for the station's remote kit. The snake had specific needs for

What's happening at 700MHz?

The newly cleared spectrum is perhaps some of the most desirable largely due to the fact that radio frequency in this lower range travels farther and tends to penetrate buildings more efficiently than higher frequencies.

When does an omni antenna become a DA?

In a recently-filed petition against an FM station modification, an issue was raised as to whether a proposed omnidirectional antenna should be treated as directional due to pattern distortion resulting from tower mounting and compensating antenna design features.

KRK Systems Rokit G2

It is obvious KRK put some work into these speakers, with intuitive features that make the Rokit Series adaptable to many acoustic environments and audio situations. I must say, when you consider the price, the sound and the features, these speakers stack up pretty well against the competition.

February New Products

New products from Automated Processes Inc. (API), Axel Technology, Belar, Blue Microphones, Clark Wire and Cable, Furman Sound, Marantz, Neutrik, Nevaton, Omnia Audio, Phiaton, RAM Broadcast Systems, RMG International, Society of Broadcast Engineers, Tascam and Zaxcom.

A Webster-Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder and the top 20 radio advertisers of 2008

Looking back at a 30-year-old NAB study guide, a Webster-Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder and the top radio advertisers of 2008.

Currents Headlines from the February 2009 Issue

The online headlines from the February 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Sales Call for the week of Feb 19 - Feb 25 2009

Sales Call for the week of Feb 19 - Feb 25 2009

Radio Currents Podcast for February 5, 2009

Radio Currents for Feb 5, 2009: The APRE seeks nominations for its Engineering Achievement Award, APT promote Kevin Campbell and brings him back to Ireland, PTEK appoints Lynn Turner as business development manager, John George returns to Dielectric, and Symetrix ships the Airtools Voice Processor 2x.

Radio Currents Podcast for February 12, 2009

Radio Currents for Feb 12, 2009: Arbitron reaches an agreement with the Maryland Attorney General on the PPM, Live Nation and CBS Radio partner on select radio-sponsored concerts, Jaguar will offer HD Radio across its 2010 product line, Liquid Compass adds Wilks Broadcasting and Sandusky Broadcasting to its portfolio, and Orban/CRL appoints Roger Sales to be the CFO.

Radio Currents Podcast for February 19, 2009

Radio Currents for Feb 19, 2009: The House of Representatives restates support of the Local Radio Freedom Act, The NAB names Jack Sellmeyer and Sterling Davis as the Engineering Achievement Award Winners, Sage ships the Digital Endec, Tieline Technology makes IP audio standard in the G3, And Google gets out of radio ads and automation.

Radio Mag Online Podcast for February 2009

Radio Mag Online Podcast for February 2009: Hear from Chip Formby and the use of windpower at KPAN; Mitch Lazarus of Fletcher, Heald and Hidreth discusses the potential pains for wireless mic users with the DTV transition; and Mike Starling explains the work at NPR Labs that benefits blind radio listeners.

Contributor Pro-File: Chris Wygal

This month: Meet Chris Wygal, engineer, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

February 2009 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the February 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Insight to IBOC 18 - Feb 2009

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 18th installment. This issue looks outlines how the Nautel Power Boost works, and provides insight into targeted ads with HD Radio.