February 2010

February 2010

Being Connected

With our increasing hunger for speed and data, we're not always satisfied with what's available, but it appears that is changing.

Portable Recorder Lineup

There are many forms of portable recording options, and they range from a device the size of a cell phone to a laptop to racks of equipment. We focus on the more portable offerings.

WPIG Makes a Huge Technological Leap

This FM/AM combo in Olean, NY, was tasked with rebuilding radio studios while keeping the operation running from the same studios.

Insight to IBOC 20 - Feb 2010

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 20th installment, which looks at the progress on the HD Radio electronic program guide, and sees how WFMT Chicago installed HD Radio.

HD Radio's Electronic Program Guide

With nearly 2,000 HD Radio broadcast services now operating in the United States, we're certainly approaching a critical mass on the delivery side of digital radio.

WFMT Chicago Commences HD Radio

WFMT chose the Nautel NV-40 to upgrade and initiate HD Radio transmission for its reliability, sound quality and its general preference for solid state.

Weather Protection

Covering a spark gap with a plastic tub saved it from heavy rain.

Online Resources

Check out the Radio magazine Glossary, Rane Pro Audio Reference, Sweetwater Glossary, Stan Coutant's Microphone Site and the James Steele Mic Page.

Radio Applications of Fuel Cells

Until recently, the costs to purchase and install fuel cells have been prohibitive, but lower costs, more choices of fuel and federal tax incentives might make them a viable alternative for your facility.

Back to the Drawing Board for Form 323

On Dec. 23, 2009, the FCC again postponed the filing deadline for commercial station biennial ownership reports, this time indefinitely.

Field Report: Samson Q2U

In addition to its ease-of-use, the Q2U boasts a strikingly noticeable dynamic cardioids microphone element that is noise free and capable of handling high SPLs.

New Products - Feb 2010

New products from Altona Technologies, Auralex Acoustics, Izotope, Netia, NTP Technology, Sony, Stratos Audio and Tascam.

The First Live Opera Transmission

Jan 12, 2010 was the 100th anniversary of the first live transmission of opera via radio.

Interest in Features of Ipod Nano's FM Tuner

According to Vision Critical Communications, radio is getting a second chance with the new Nano's FM tuner.

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The online headlines from the February 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

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Contributor Pro-File: Tom Atkins

This month: Tom Atkins; Corporate VP/Director of Engineering; Backyard Broadcasting; Buffalo, NY