February 2012

February 2012

February 2012 cover

EAS Gets an Update

The 130-page FCC Fifth Report and Order on EAS addresses many of the ongoing concerns with EAS, but there are still a few details that are not yet settled. So what's new? Here's an overview.

IBOC Update: Data and Asymmetrical Sidebands

Artist Experience and asymmetrical sidebands present new opportunities for HD Radio.

WAOK-AM Uses Method of Moments Proof

The FCC has allowed stations to use Method of Moments proofs, and WAOK-AM in Atlanta, is one of the first stations to implement the technology.

Method of Moments Modeling

In February 2009 the FCC formally permitted the use of Method of Moments (MoM) modeling. Kevin McNamara explains the concepts of using this tool.

Potentially Sticky Political Pitfalls

Lee Petro discusses several potentially sticky situations broadcasters should try to avoid during political ad season.

Field Report: Tieline Bridge-IT

The Flames Sports Network chose IP for college football and basketball broadcasts, and it relies on the Tieline Bridge-IT to get there and back.

Side by Side: Mic Processors

The human voice is capable of a wide dynamic range, which is why it makes sense to run a station's mics through a mic processor.

New Products (February 2012)

New products from Alesis, LBA Technology, Titus Technological Laboratories and more.

How Much Data in CAP?

Now that the IPAWS OPEN server is on-line, it makes sense to get your CAP-enabled EAS equipment going.

A Bit More on Ferrites

Have some ferrites but don't know their value? Here are some resources.

For Want of a USB Charger

Why carry an ac-to-USB converter with you? Install one at the outlet.

DIY: How to Make Bass Traps

Chris Wygal built bass traps for his personal studio.

1950s Radio in Color

The Lost Photographs of Cleveland Deejay Tommy Edwards is an exhibit that features more than 30 images of 1950s music, film and television stars.

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The online headlines from the February 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

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