Insight to IBOC 14 - Feb 2008

Insight to IBOC 14 - Feb 2008

Insight to IBOC

NPR Sheds Light on HD Radio Coverage

The big news from CES for HD Radio was that a portable chipset was finally unveiled – at least for FM. This is one significant part of the HD Radio rollout that has been noticeably absent. Once implemented, it will provide a necessary element for HD Radio acceptance, putting a digital radio receiver in just about any portable device.

2008 CES: More HD Radio Than Ever

Using every square inch of the three halls at the LVCC, CES 2008 overflowed to the Sands Convention Center and into the ballroom at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel as well.

Reaching Parity with Satellite Radio

Satellite radio has the edge over HD Radio. It's been available longer, and it had a huge marketing push across multiple types of media since its inception.