Insight to IBOC 16 - Aug 2008

Insight to IBOC 16 - Aug 2008

Insight to IBOC

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 16th installment. This issue looks at the considerations for elevated IBOC sidebands, the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, Itunes tagging and youth interest in HD Radio.

Considerations for Elevated IBOC Sidebands

The first difficulty in accommodating increased IBOC sideband levels is that, because of the higher peak-to-average AM component of the IBOC carriers, the transmitter must be derated from Class C saturated FM operation.

The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium

The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, an alliance of several broadcast groups, is working with Navteq to provide real-time traffic and other location-based information for portable navigation devices and automobile in-dash systems via HD Radio technology.

Open Mic: A Boost for Itunes Tagging

Jeff Littlejohn shares his insight about Clear Channel's announcement that all of its HD Radio stations were transmitting Itunes tags on the primary channel.

Sample and Hold: Youth Interest in HD Radio

Paragon Media Strategies Second Annual Youth Radio and New Media Study, Spring 2008.