Insight to IBOC 17 - Nov 2008

Insight to IBOC 17 - Nov 2008

Insight to IBOC

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 17th installment. This issue looks at the NPR Labs' analysis of IBOC coverage and interference, IBOC around the world, and a look at the state of awareness of HD Radio.

NPR Labs Weighs in on IBOC Coverage, Interference

Recent publication and distribution of NPR Lab's Digital Radio Coverage and Interference Analysis Research Project (DRCIA) seems to reiterate a point once made by renown physicist Albert Einstein, when he suggested we ought to "make everything as simple as possible - but not simpler."

IBOC Around the World

While HD Radio gains acceptance in the U.S., it is also making waves in other countries around the world.

Sample and Hold: Raised Awareness

A September 2008 research effort by Mark Kassof and Co. reveals that 67 percent of 18-64 year olds have heard of HD Radio - compared to a similar study from 2006, which showed that 38 percent of people had heard of HD Radio.