Insight to IBOC 18 - Feb 2009

Insight to IBOC 18 - Feb 2009

Insight to IBOC

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 18th installment. This issue outlines how the Nautel Power Boost works, and provides insight into targeted ads with HD Radio.

Nautel HD Power Boost: How it Works

Nautel has developed a technology called HD Power Boost that uses an intelligent peak to average power ratio (PAPR) technique to address this issue.

HD Radio Ad Substitution

Not every listener is going to want to participate in targeted advertising. Our society has raised suspicions about privacy to paranoia proportions. However, there will be those who are unconcerned. There will be those who prefer to hear commercials that match their lifestyle. There will be listeners that desire certain free-but-protected programming and are willing to opt-in to receive premium content.

Top 10: HD Radio penetration

It seems the 2,000-station mark is in sight, but the rate at which stations are activating HD Radio signals has slowed.