Insight to IBOC 19 - May 2009

Insight to IBOC 19 - May 2009

Insight to IBOC

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 19th installment. This issue discusses the electronic program guide project, provides an update on the elevated digital sideband proposal, and looks at the 1,000 multicast streams.

The Electronic Program Guide

Among the electronic media, broadcast radio may be the hardest for the audience to answer the simple question, "What's on?"

Open Mic: Elevated sidebands

In the time since the idea of increasing the power level of the digital sideband carriers in the hybrid HD Radio signal, debates on the idea, and the specific power level have ensued.

Sample and Hold: 1,000 multicasts and counting

Mutlicasting, the ability to transmit more than one program stream on the FM HD Radio path, is one enhancement that can show a direct result right now.