Insight to IBOC 3 - May 2005

Insight to IBOC 3 - May 2005

The extra bits in IBOC

Data has always been a part of the IBOC plan, but it is just being recognized for its current and future capabilities.

PADding the truth

One obstacle in displaying PAD from an automation system is that the information entered into the system may not have been keyed in a form that is suitable for the public.

Open Mic

We asked two industry professionals about their station's data capabilities. Read what they said.

Standards in data

An informal standard for data services is defined by ID3, which grew from the popularity of MP3 files and the desire to include information about the audio within the file.

Digital Radio Glossary

The data aspect of HD Radio includes lots of new terms and abbreviations. Here are some of the more common abbreviations and terms that you will likely encounter.

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