Insight to IBOC 9 - Nov 2006

Insight to IBOC 9 - Nov 2006

Implementing Surround

When WGUC initially made the transition to HD Radio in 2003 it was looking forward to the added benefits it would bring, such as the ability to broadcast 5.1 surround sound. The station is now transmitting surround broadcasts whenever possible.

HD Radio for a statewide network

Radio magazine has covered several HD Radio installations at the commercial broadcast stations, so it was time to look at noncommercial side of radio to see how one radio network was making the change to HD Radio.

Open Mic: Barry Thomas

Lincoln Financial Media's VP of Engineering Barry Thomas discusses the company's HD Radio roll-out.

Tools for installing and maintaining an HD Radio system

Ibiquity continues to develop the tools and resources available to stations adopting HD Radio technology. They recently released four white papers that cover networking assessments for HD Radio, which provide useful information to stations making the HD Radio transition.

Sample and Hold

The number of stations transmitting HD Radio signals has nearly doubled since September 2005, and Ibiquity hopes to see 1,200 stations on the air by the end of this year.