January 2009

January 2009

Looking for change at the FCC

We're due for a chairman who can lead the FCC and make real progress. Who's the next chairman? Julius Genachowski, Don Gips, Larry Strickling and Blair Levin are some of the names I have heard.


Radio Mag Online Podcast for January 2009

Radio Mag Online Podcast for January 2009: The Radio Mag Online podcast for January 2009. Hear from Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer with some insight to radio's future, and get the inside scoop on the Sandusky Radio Phoenix rebuild.

Radio Currents Podcast for January 8, 2009

Radio Currents for Jan 8, 2009: The SBE launches SBE University; The HD Radio Electronic Program Guide Project moves to phase two; HD Radio makes waves at CES; and Bradley sells to SCMS.

Radio Currents Podcast for January 15, 2008

Radio Currents for Jan 15, 2009: HD Radio real-time traffic comes to be; Emmis launches an Iphone app for its New York radio stations; the first interoperable satellite radio is finally here; DTS acquires Neural Audio; and more.

Radio Currents Podcast for January 22, 2009

Radio Currents for Jan 22, 2009: The Wonder Vision Awards recognize several radio products, Sound Exchange and the CPB reach an agreement on Internet performance royalties, CBI and WHRB file a motion for additional time to collect data and submit comments to the CRB, RCS releases G Selector 3.10, and Tascam updates the DR-1 and GT-R1.

Radio Currents Podcast for January 29, 2009

Radio Currents for Jan 29, 2009: Michael Copps is named acting FCC chairman, Malcolm Gladwell is set for the NAB Show keynote, The NAB seeks entries for the NAB Crystal Radio Awards, NAB hotel rates are reduced, and the NABEF adds two to its board.

Locked Up

Padlocks and gates no longer deter a thief. Either thieves are getting bolder (maybe desperate) or we have not yet done our job, or both.

The Studio Shuffle

Sandusky Radio's stations had outgrown their outdated Tempe, AZ, facilities and wanted state-of-the-art studios for their AM talk station, AM 1060 The Fan, and their FM rock station, KUPD.

Tips, tricks, hints and more on finding a cable break

A simple way to find a cable break is to use the regular telephone tone generator and the inductive amplifier.

Transmission lines

A transmission line is a far more complex piece of equipment than many people realize. In its simplest form it may be considered as just a pair of wires merely carrying ac power.

FCC adopts new methodology for AM proofs

At long last, the FCC is permitting directional AM stations and permittees to submit proofs of performance using moment modeling in lieu of proofs based on extensive field measurements.

Field Report: Broadcast Bionics Phonebox Solo

The Solo product is a smaller version of the company's Phonebox 2 product, a software-based call handling and caller information system.

DM Engineering Audio-Pod

If you are looking for a way to improve your remote broadcast setup and make your show hosts happy, the Audio-Pod is a handy and cost-effective problem solver.

New Products

New products from Adder Technology, AKG, Audessence, Axel Technology, Balsys Technology Group, Blastwave FX, Broadcast Devices, BW Broadcast, C. Crane Company, Coaxial Dynamics, Core Sound, Digidesign, Furman Sound, Middle Atlantic Products, Myat, Nautel, Neutrik, Rapcohorizon, Sennheiser Electronic, Softwright, Yamaha and Yangaroo.

Sign Off

Looking back at photos from Johnny Beerling's Radio 1 book and looking ahead with radio revenue projections.

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Contributor Pro-File: Geoff Peacock

This month: Meet Geoff Peacock, chief engineer, Clear Channel, Mobile, AL, and Pensacola, FL.