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January 2011

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Trends in Technology: EAS Update

Doug Irwin explores the issues still lingering with CAP and what you can do to plan for the future.

Corus Quay's Waterfront Radio Waves

Corus Entertainment is one of Canada's largest media companies, operating nearly 50 radio stations.

Translators Today

FM translator service, since its inception in the very early 1970s, has been subjected to several major technical overhauls.

Bad Economy Doesn't Mean Lax Rule Enforcement

The FCC's Enforcement Bureau has taken an increasingly strident stand against radio stations that violate FCC rules in spite of the difficult financial straits of the industry.

Field Report: Adobe Audition for Mac

PC users will be familiar with much of the core functionality contained in the Mac version of Audition, but Mac users will find a host of cool new tools that Audition brings to the table, as well as Audition's time-tested features that will make a Mac user feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Field Report: Broadcast Tools Audio Sentinel

Michael Bradford had a client with a microwave system for primary program delivery and an ISDN circuit for emergency audio feeds. The Audio Sentinel provded the switching he needed.

New Products (January 2011)

New products from Zoom, ERI, Wheatstone, Audio-Technica and more.

Part One: The Machine Goes "Ping"

Check the speed of your Ethernet connection with Doug Irwin.

Do You Remember: Vintage Radio

Some of the wonderful art on Art Weinerman's vintage radio art website.

Sample and Hold: NPR Music Format Trends

Which NPR formats are gaining popularity? Which are losing?

Currents Headlines from the January 2011 Issue

The online headlines from the January 2011 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Ed LaComb

This month: Ed LaComb; President; Digital Sound and Video

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