January 2012

January 2012

January 2012 cover

Ghosts of Studios Past

Our January Facility Showcase on WEBE 108/WICC brings back memories for Editor Chriss Scherer. He was the chief engineer of WEBE in the late 19802.

Implementing MDCL

Modulation Dependent Carrier Level improves the overall efficiency of large AM transmitters, thus reducing the expense associated with power.

Reconstructing WEBE 108 and WICC

After 20 years, the analog infrastructure and equipment, as well as years and years of layering new systems on top, meant it was time to upgrade.

Understanding Tee Networks

The tee network seems almost magical as it has the ability to transform between almost any two complex impedances using only reactive elements.

Political Ad Season Reminders

With the increased political ad activity comes broadcasters' responsibility to ensure compliance with political broadcasting rules and policies. Lee Petro reviews several of the main topics every broadcaster should know.

Field Report: Deva Broadcast DB44

This IP-accessible, DSP-based analog FM monitoring receiver packs a lot of capability into a small package.

Field Report: Nagra SD

This sturdy handheld recorder has several plug-in mic elements for greater recording versatility.

Side by Side: Compact Mixers

We look at several compact, portable mixers that might work well for your remote broadcast setup.

New Products (January 2012)

New products from Barix, Enco Systems, Omnia Audio, Sony Creative Software and more.

Tech Tips: A Jump on Spring Cleaning

Some tips on keeping the transmitter site clean.

Mic Manufacturer Milestones

Two mic manufacturers - Audio-Technica and Rode - are celebrating anniversaries.

2012's Hot CE Tech Forecast

Tablets and connected TVs are at the top of the list.

Currents Headlines from the January 2012 Issue

The online headlines from the January 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

January 2012 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the January 2012 issue of Radio magazine.