January 2014

January 2014

January 2014 cover

Resolutions You Really Can Keep

Here are three resolutions you can put on your list that you should be able to keep.

FM Antennas: The Silent Component

Too often the antenna is treated as set-and-forget.

One Becomes Two at WETA

When WETA had to replace its on-air console, it wasn't as simple as setting a new one in place. It had to be cut in half.

Demystifying Impedance Language

A discussion to demystify some of the elusive language consulting engineers tend to use.

Amping Up the AM Service

Lee Petro recaps the FCC's call for comments on a bevy of proposed rule changes intended to revitalize the AM broadcast service.

Applied Technology: Studio Design - the Furniture

The first thing in the room shouldn't be the last thing you think about.

Tech Tips: More on Remote Controls

Need an interface panel for a Burk ARC-16? You can make one yourself.

Tech Tips: Drill a Hole in a Pipe Without a Drill Press

Avoid the frustration of trying to freehand a hole straight through.

Do You Remember? The EV 668

Designed for use on a boom, the mic has physical characteristics of two other legendary microphones.

This Month in SBE History: Engineer Certification and Ethics

While the early efforts of the society focused on strengthening FCC regulations for engineer requirements, the focus later shifted to the society taking on the role.

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