July 2007

July 2007

Satellite radio merger? Why not?

Many doubt that the merger proposal will pass, but if it actually does, what will be the real harm to terrestrial radio? If terrestrial is as good as it thinks, there will be no ill effects.

The ins and outs of automation

Automation systems are a key part of on-air, streaming and multicasting operation, and with the increased reliance comes an increased need for reliable content delivery, off-site backups and disaster recovery.

Building a showcase

It's a syndicated morning show, and it has a new headquarters after building a showcase. Step inside the new Tom Joyner studios.

Tech tips on small tools, magnetics, and more

Tips, tricks, hints and more. Tech Tips is a new feature to help you get the job done.

Being duly diligent in station operations

Take some time to ensure that basic legal and FCC rule obligations are met when taking over as the chief operator at a station.

New directional measurement techniques proposed

A group of broadcasters, consultants and manufacturers have petitioned the FCC to allow moment method modeling of AM directional arrays as a ways to reduce the burden of taking field strength readings in determining coverage.

Adam Audio A7

Adam Audio has taken the original ribbon tweeter technology and created the Accelerated Ribbon Technology (A.R.T.), where a folded-diaphragm membrane is used for the tweeter. The result is a higher velocity air flow for crisper highs.

Sony Sound Forge 9.0

The development computer-based non-linear editing software has permeated the broadcast market with option after option for creating a digital audio workstation (DAW). The encouraging fact for many is that the software packages available today are affordable. Sony Media Software's Sound Forge is an established product that provides a great deal of power.

Low-power follow-up

Larry Fuss wrote a letter to Senator Harry Reid about the senator's involvement in obtaining a licensed for a pirate radio station. Fuss shares the senator's reply with us.

New Products

New products from AKG, Audemat-Aztec, Avlex, Bext, Bird Electronic, Broadcast Electronics, Broadcast Tools, D.A.S. Audio, Day Sequerra, Digi-Data, DM Engineering, Docsoft, Global Security Systems, Harris, Heil Sound, Jetcast, Middle Atlantic Products, Nautel, Neutrik, Prism Sound, Realtraps, RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten, Sennheiser Electronic, Soundfield Research, Thales, Unlimi-tech Software, West Coast Magnetics and Winmedia Software.

Sign Off

WHK celebrates its 85th year this year, the original Media Touch system is revisited, and the next wave of radio listeners are listening to radio at all.

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