July 2009

July 2009

How's your attitude in this down economy?

As we look ahead for relief, we see the predictions: on-air ad sales look flat, but online has promise. The overall economic view predicts a better future.

Are you ready for an HD Radio Power Increase?

Waiting for the dust to settle before committing to an HD Radio transmission system? This should help.

Cumulus Cincinnati reinvents by rebuilding and reusing

In our current economy, planning and executing a major project is becoming increasingly difficult. We must find new and clever ways to build and improve our facilities.

New Products - July 2009

New products from Axia Audio, Blue Microphones, BW Broadcast, Digigram, Genelec, PTEK, Sierra Multimedia and Towermast.

Thoughts about NEC 4-1

As time passed and DA design work received increasing attention, it became obvious that more information was needed about how the antenna worked in its environment once constructed.

Field Report: Airtools Voice Processor 2X

When I first heard Symetrix was shipping the new Airtools Voice Processor 2X microphone processor, I couldn't wait to get a look at it.

Field Report: Alesis Pro Track

Everyone has an Ipod, so why not use it as a portable recorder?

FCC changing ownership reporting requirements

The shift in reporting requirements, and a change to new reporting forms, arises from concern about the relatively low percentages of minority individuals and females among the ranks of broadcast owners.

Tech Tips

Multitaskers are better

When an item can be used for more than application, it has a greater value.

Threaded mic adapters

The last time you bought a microphone you may have found a threaded adapter inside the mic clip. Did you wonder what it was for? Here's one application.

Sign Off

Balkite Radio Power Units

Looking back at a 1927 Balkite ad for radio power units.

Domestic cars need to market best features

Domestic car buyers want an Ipod connection more than they want satellite radio, GPS or HD Radio.


Currents Headlines from the July 2009 Issue

The online headlines from the July 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Radio Mag Online Podcast for July 2009

The Radio Mag Online podcast for July 2009: Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer talks to David Bialik, Broadcast and Streaming Session Chairman of the 127th AES Convention.

Radio Currents Podcast for Jul 2, 2009

Radio Currents for July 2, 2009: Genachowski and McDowell are confirmed for the FCC by the Senate, Obama nominates Baker and Clyburn for FCC posts, Alexis Glick will keynote the NAB Radio Show Luncheon, the National Radio Hall of Fame puts 16 nominees on the 2009 roster, and the HD Radio Alliance launches the summer ad campaign.

Radio Currents Podcast for Jul 9, 2009

Radio Currents for July 9, 2009: The FCC allows AMs to use FM translators, several groups partner to launch SAFER, Nautel opens a UK parts depot, and Reader Feedback inquires about your communication skills.

Radio Currents Podcast for Jul 16, 2009

Radio Currents for July 16, 2009: The Insignia HD Radio Portable Player goes on sale, Comments pour in for increased HD Radio digital sidebands, Sound Exchange has new royalty terms for streamers, and Arbitron commercializes the PPM in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.

Radio Currents Podcast for Jul 23, 2009

Radio Currents for July 23, 2009: The NAB announces the NAB Radio Show Engineering Program; the Marconi Radio Awards finalists are announced; we debunk some misconceptions about HD Radio; and KIID loses two towers after a brush fire.

Radio Currents Podcast for Jul 30, 2009

Radio Currents for July 30, 2009: The HD Radio EPG begins field trials in Boston, NPR Labs releases an online HR Radio sideband power calculator, several Congressmen call on the GAO to evaluate the PPM, Clyburn and Baker are confirmed by the Senate for their FCC posts, and Conrad Trautmann moves to Dial Global to be the EVP of technology.

Sales call for the week of June 25 - July 1

Sales call for the week of June 25 - July 1

Sales call for the week of July 2 - July 8

Bible Broadcasting Network selects Harris for transmitters.

Sales call for the week of July 9 - July 15

Media Corp taps Junger Audio; NDR contracts VCS for system monitoring, and Radio Wey installs Sonfiex S2 consoles.

Sales call for the week of July 16 - July 22

Link Research buys another Prism Sound Dscope III; Auralex improves the sound for WAM; Grant Broadcasters buys more Audio Vault systems; WAY-FM licenses Digital Jukebox; the Aspen Music Festival broadcasts in DTS Neural Surround; and Clear Channel Sacremento updagrades with Wheatstone.

Sales call for the week of July 23 - July 29

Telos installs Nx12 systems; Rogers Media schedules with Wide Orbit; Omnia sends processors to several stations; Marketron Excahnge reaches the 7,000 mark; Axia IP-audio systems go on-air; and Tieline delivers IP audio codecs to Macquarie Southern Cross Media.

Sales call for the week of Jul 30 - Aug 5

2HR installs Sonifex S2 consoles, Newcap Radio chooses Axia consoles for two studio rebuild projects, and Kidd Kraddick streams video with Newtek.


Contributor Pro-File: Marshall Rice

This month: Marshall Rice, Engineering Director; Bonneville International, St. Louis Radio Group

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