July 2010

July 2010

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Riding High on Optimism

Economic indicators show that radio is poised for revenue recovery, but it's going to be a long road.

Extended Reach: Remote Network Connectivity

Doug Irwin explores ways to establish remote connectivity, how to safely use the public Internet for WAN functionality, and some less-obvious considerations once connectivity is created.

Moody Bible Institute Builds New Studios

When Moody Bible Institute decided to rebuild its studio complex for the stations in central Alabama, a process began that brought the operations of stations from several cities into consideration.

Transmission Line Maintenance

The bottom line is that without maintenance, transmission line will ultimately fail. The good news is that with regular and periodic inspections, the likelihood of unplanned failures is greatly reduced.

FCC Overhauling Antenna Structure Rules

Due to changes in laws and enforcement policies at the state and federal levels, broadcasters may be able to legally carry ads for medical marijuana in states where medicinal use of the substance has been legalized.

Arrakis Systems Digilink-Xtreme

A 10-station cluster relies on this automation system to deliver its audio.

NewTek TriCaster Studio

TriCaster is a truly plug-and-play device. It's a PC built in a case that includes audio/video I/O on the front and the standard PC connections on the back.

New Products (Jul 2010)

New products from Audio-Technica, Broadcast Tools, Sealevel, Sonifex and more.

Unusual Parts Source: Outdoors Store

By looking in some unusual places you might find better and less expensive alternatives to tools or parts. One possible source is a camping or outdoor store.

Analog testing

Ed Treese shares some notes on his favorite piece of analog test equipment: a pair of headphones.

Sonifex Hand-Built Mixer

When Hospital Radio Bedford decided to replace its aging Sonifex mixer, the charity returned the hand-built mixer to Sonifex for posterity.

American Idol on the radio

Mediabase's report analyzes the effect of the artists from "American Idol" on radio.

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Contributor Pro-File: Robert Chickering

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