July 2013

July 2013

July 2013 cover

The New Form of Radio Imitates, Well, Radio

The automobile dashboard of the future will likely have a familiar look and feel, although the technology behind will be new.

HD Radio: Proving Performance with Modulation Error Ratio

The effects of a low Modulation Error Ratio, how is it measured and what you can do to make it better.

Tower Safety Review

Although station personnel do not always have the same level of exposure as our friends who work at the heights, you are nevertheless exposed.

FCC Frames LPFM Window

The window will be open from Oct. 15, 2013, until Oct. 29, 2013.

Field Report: Inovonics 610

This compact Internet radio monitor provides many common monitoring parameters we're used to seeing in a traditional radio monitor.

Applied Technology: MPX-Direct: Digital Connectivity for FM

A direct connection to a transmitter's baseband input using a standard AES3 connection can eliminate some technical problems and provide a fully digital STL path.

Side by Side: USB Audio Interfaces

The on-board sound card can be used to get audio in and out of a computer, but these external interfaces provide better audio specs and more flexible options.

New Products (July 2013)

New products from Arrakis, Broadcast Bionics, Presonus, Tascam and more.

Keep It, Pitch It or Part It?

A power divider, cavity resonator and line stretcher are just some of the hidden gems waiting to be scavenged in equipment before it's tossed.

20 Years of Radio magazine: September 1994

Early testing of digital radio, computer-based automation, on-air console update and extending tube life were topics covered in the issue.

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