June 2010

June 2010

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2010 NAB Show Wrap-up

The 2010 NAB Show had a refreshed feeling this year, and the upbeat attitude was obvious in the exhibit hall and sessions.

2010 Pick Hits

The 15 top new products of the 2010 NAB Show as selected by the Pick Hits panel of radio engineers.

2010 NAB Show New Products

New products from the 2010 NAB Show from Arrakis, Audioarts Engineering, Bird Technologies, Burk Technology, Harris, Radio Systems, Sadie, Vorsis, Wide Orbit and more.

2010 NAB Show Technology Spotlight

An overview of featured technologies from the 2010 NAB Show.

2010 NAB Show Photo Blog

2010 NAB show Photo Blog from Radio magazine

WJFK-FM Launches HD Radio Quadcast

To make the concept of an HD Radio quadcast a reality, WJFK established an IP-based distribution system to push signals from the three remote stations to its studios.

Next-level Career Planning

Most likely a career change has entered your thoughts. We look at ways to move up the ladder, ideas to consider changing to a different industry, and plan for future job security.

Medical Marijuana Ads OK in Some Circumstances

Due to changes in laws and enforcement policies at the state and federal levels, broadcasters may be able to legally carry ads for medical marijuana in states where medicinal use of the substance has been legalized.

Field Report: Potomac FIM-4100

There are so many improvements over the 4100's predecessor, but the greatest is that there are no knobs to twist.

25-Seven Systems PLM

The PLM enables makes it easy to stretch or shrink the time of a prorgam to fit a specific length.

Cell phone remotes

This home-made interface splits the mini jack from the phone into an XLR connector for a mic and a headphone jack.

Plug Before You Crimp

Installing RJ-45 connectors can be a pain, but not if you use connectors that simplify their installation.

Wall-wart Plugs

The Furman PlugLock has metal brackets that are adjustable for various size wall-warts and allows them to be securely clamped in place.

Taking Pictures

A digital camera can be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Even the camera on a cell phone is better than nothing, but higher resolution cameras can be helpful as well.

Sayonara Floppy Disk

In April 2010, Sony said sayonara to floppy, announcing it would cease production of 1.44MB, 3.5" floppy disks in March 2011.

Media Usage Pyramid 2010

What are consumers listening to? Pandora soars in Jacobs Media's Tech Survey VI.

Currents Headlines from the June 2010 Issue

The online headlines from the June 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Brian Powell

This month: Brian Powell; Production Engineer Level 2; Radio Free Asia; Washington, DC

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Links to the advertisers in the June 2010 issue of Radio magazine.