June 2012

June 2012

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Are You Ready for the June 30, 2012, CAP Deadline?

While the deadline has been known for some time, it's likely many stations are still not ready.

KSBJ Rebuilds and Launches NGEN

NGEN Radio: Serving the Now Generation

Integrating Logitek and Axia at KSBJ

At the core, the Logitek JetNet and Axia Livewire AoIP systems are very similar, but where they differ comes down to timing and mnemonics.

Repair or Replace?

The engineer in us wants to fix everything. The manager in us wants to repair or replace it for the lowest cost. But be sure you figure all the costs in your decision.

New Tower Rules Mean New Procedures

In December 2011, the Commission issued an order relating to the registration process for the construction of communication towers. The new rules affect both the construction of new towers, and modifications to existing towers under certain circumstances.

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2012 NAB Show

20 products were chosen by the Radio magazine Pick Hits panel.

2012 NAB Show Wrap Up: New Products

New products from the 2012 NAB Show from AKG, Barix, JK Audio, StreamOn, SAS and more.

Field Report: Yellowtec iXm

The iXm combines a digital recorder with a mono microphone in a familiar handheld format.

Field Report: Aphex Headpod 4

Multiple inputs and powerful amplifiers make this a flexible headphone amplifier.

Side by Side: Backup Power

We look at four true online UPS systems to compare features and specs.

Adding Status Inputs to a Remote Control

Need additional status inputs on a remote control? Here's a way to use a sampling input to display status.

Inovonics Celebrates 40 Years

The company has evolved form building tape recorder replacement electronics to advanced HD Radio monitors and multiband digital processors.

Henry Engineering Celebrates 30 Years

Nearly 100,000 of the company's Matchboxes have been sold since its introduction.

Currents Headlines from the June 2012 Issue

The online headlines from the June 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

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Links to the advertisers in the June 2012 issue of Radio magazine.