June 2013

June 2013

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Let Me Tell You About the Pick Hits

While the Pick Hits are very popular, and quite coveted, perhaps you don't know exactly what they are and why we're so proud of them. Here are the details on how they are decided.

CKUA Makes an Epic Move

After 57 years in the same building, CKUA was ready for a move. But it hasn't forgotten its history.

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2013 NAB Show

20 products were chosen by the Radio magazine Pick Hits panel.

Keeping the Copper Safe

A thief may get a few dollars for the metal he steals from your site, but the real cost of the vandalism can add up fast.

The Settlement/Amendment Process for FM Translators

Lee Petro explains the many aspects of the FCC's two-month filing window for applicants with pending FM translators.

Field Report: iZotope Insight

In the production studio, especially in critical scenarios where music mastering is of concern, are VU and PPM meters really showing us how loud our mixdowns are? You can decide for yourself, after a brief introduction to iZotope's brand new Insight plugin.

Field Report: Rode iXY

This XY mic plugs into an iPhone 4 to make the iPhone a practical handheld recorder.

Side by Side: Headphones

The most personal pieces of equipment in a studio are the announcer's or producer's headphones. Here are several models any announcer should be able to afford.

Better Coaxial Cable Runs

All about messenger cables, drip loops and other ways to ensure a reliable cable installation.

20 Years of Radio magazine: July 1994

The EIA released a study on consumer awareness of RBDS, and we looked at the new digital audio processors.

Jacobs Media Survey: Radio is Transitioning to Digital

The survey results show consumer usage of media and radio with various devices.

Currents Headlines from the June 2013 Issue

The online headlines from the June 2013 issue of Radio magazine.

June 2013 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the June 2013 issue of Radio magazine.