March 2009

March 2009

Quality of service - Quality in manufacturing

A fellow engineer tells me about some recent equipment failures, and he is concerned about the quality of manufacturing. I understand his concern. There is an expectation for a professional product to provide reliable service. He is not expecting unrealistic support, but he is expecting the product to work.

The Engineer's Guide to the 2009 NAB Show

Get ready for the convention with our NAB Show preview.

2009 NAB Extra

The 2009 NAB Show preview highlights new product offerings from AEQ, Barix Technology, Belden, Comrex, Henry Engineering, JK Audio, Logitek, Nautel, Tieline Technology and many more.

2009 NAB Sessions

Engineering-related sessions for the 2009 NAB Show.

Digital wireline STLs

The link from the studio to the transmitter is a critical, but often overlooked part of the transmission system. There are generally two options: wired or wireless. There are some common reasons behind building a wireline STL system as opposed to using a radio system.

WGBH: Green in Boston

WGBH's new Brighton complex is officially green, with LEED certification granted by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. The green designation features construction from recycled steel, motion-sensitive office lighting, UV-filtering glass and motorized sunshades, water-conserving features, solar panels generating 100kW of power and a "green roof."

Tips for clean and neat wiring, mic support arms, missed cues

NASA's Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses and Wiring publication, a sagging E-V RE-20 arm solution and hard-synced closures.

The application of NEC programs

The NEC programs offer a great improvement over the slide rule era when the sheer volume of manual operations involved tended to influence full and comprehensive searches for perfection.

FCC cracks down on noncommercial "commercials"

What precisely constitutes a commercial is not easily determined. Generally NCE stations cannot accept payment in return for the on-air promotion of commercial activities.

Field Report: FM Services TLM-1

I would recommend you consider the TLM-1 when the need for a tower light monitor arises, especially if you have a tower light circuit where a separate wire is not available for each sidelight and beacon level.

Field Report: ATI DM500

In this review, Doug Irwin rates the DM500 as very useful around the radio station facility.

Field Report: Thermo Bond Buildings

Thermo Bond designed and built a beautiful building, both aesthetically and functionally, as this review explains.

OECD broadband penetration

Looking back at a 1966 photo of Dave Land, and OECD broadband penetration.

Contributor Pro-File: Lloyd Mintzmyer

This month: Meet Lloyd Mintzmyer, President, Praise Network

March 2009 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the March 2009 issue of Radio magazine.