March 2010

March 2010


What's Showing at the 2010 NAB Show?

HD Radio, radio station apps, IP audio, and CAP will be popular topics at the 2010 NAB Show.

2010 NAB Show

Our pre-show coverage includes new products, a session timetable and a map of the Radio Hall.

2010 NAB Extra!

New products to be seen at the 2010 NAB Show from 25-Seven Systems, APT, ATI Group, Audio-Technica, Axia Audio, Barix Technology, Bird Technologies Group, Enco Systems, ERI-Electronics Research, Nautel, Neutrik, Omnia Audio, Orban, RDL, Tieline Technology, Wheatstone and Wireworks.

N/ACIP: Simplifying Codec Connections

With the ever-increasing number of IP codecs in existence around this country and overseas, N/ACIP compliance is an important feature to consider when outfitting your own station with an IP codec or two.

KUNV Goes Back to School

For the past 10 years, KUNV has been housed in an office complex a few blocks from the campus of UNLV; the distance between the stations and campus kept student involvement to a minimum and didn't allow the station to become an active member of the campus community.

Broadcasting the Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Colorado Public Radio recorded and broadcast a concert with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Yo-Yo Ma as part of a pledge drive. Mike Pappas led the way.

Check the Electrical Power Meter

It's a good idea to compare the power bill information to the actual meter reading once in a while.

Mine that Light

Working in tight spaces with low light is no fun. Check out this handy device to shed some light on the task.

PERL Logger

Rob Landry's Perl script records each hour as an MP3 file by capturing the station's Internet stream.

Annual National EAS Test Proposed

Under the proposed rules, all EAS participants will have to tell the FCC whether they received the test, whether they retransmitted it, and if there was a problem, exactly what that was.

Third-Adjacent Protection Review

One of the hallmark missions of the FCC is to promote the use of the radio spectrum; the corollary is that the Commission ends up being a traffic cop to eliminate interference, more accurately stated as reducing interference.

FCC Measures Cell Phone Activity

The FCC has found that downloading or streaming music or video via cell phone appealed to only 17 percent of adults on average.

Radio in the Movie the Accidental Husband

Radio Systems helps on-set for "Accidental Husband."


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The online headlines from the March 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: David Reese

This month: David Reese; Administrative Manager; KUNV at UNLV; Las Vegas

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