March 2012

March 2012

March 2012 cover

Time for Another NAB Show

The sessions, the exhibits, the technology... It really is time for another NAB Show.

New Products at the 2012 NAB Show (March 2012)

New products from Audio-Technica, Burk Technology, Enco, Henry Engineering, RCS, Tascam and others will be unveiled in Las Vegas.

Not the Same Old STL

Why it's so important to have network access at your transmitter site, and how you can do it now.

Chiefs Football Surrounds the Crowd

The Kansas City Chiefs first broadcast games in stereo in 1990. Cumulus began broadcasting the games in surround in 2011.

Translator Rules Revisited

Some important events relating to translators warrant some attention.

Translator Moves Targeted by FCC

Lee Petro further explores the FCC's policy to slow processing of FM translator applications where the licensees have moved a facility long distances through a series of minor change applications.

Field Report: AdsWizz Audio Advertiser and Liquid Compass

Leighton Interactive likes the integration of Liquid Compass streaming services and the AdsWizz advertising platform.

Field Report: Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Pro 10

Chris Wygal thinks Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 is a veritable Swiss Army Knife for audio recording, restoration and mastering.

Side by Side: Cable Testers

The latest breed of cable testers can quickly diagnose wiring errors, and some models have added unique connectors beyond XLR and TRS as well, such as RJ-11, RJ-45 and USB.

Computer Upgrades Can Be a Serial Killer

Legacy equipment has serial control. New computers don't. Here's what you can do.

Need of a DB Connector

The number of devices that use serial communications rather than IP and Ethernet is shrinking rapidly, but there are still plenty of serial devices around.

What Happens When the Spots Come On?

Contrary to what many believe, a study reveals that radio delivers most of its lead-in audience during spot breaks.

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