March 2013

March 2013

March 2013 cover

Another Year, Another NAB Convention

It's a routine, but here's always something new to be seen or learned.

2013 NAB Show Preview

New products, sessions, the exhibit hall... our convention preview has it all.

Sierra H: The Transmitter Goes Over the Mountain

Klein White Broadcast Engineering climbs a steep hill to consolidate RF systems for two Sierra H Broadcasting stations.

2013 Streaming Audio Update

Streaming audio continues to grow in consumer use. We look at the trends and technology driving it.

Alternate Propagation Models

While the FCC designed its pattern modeling method to be reasonably accurate over a fairly broad slice of circumstances in the United States, it tends to fall apart in situations in which terrain is abnormally smooth or cases where a particular propagation path has some fairly significant undulations.

Equipment Authorization Rules Redux

The Commission currently has three different approval procedures for new and modified equipment, depending on the potential for harm. Rule changes could improve the efficiency of the approval process.

Field Report: Elenos ETG

It was time to replace the transmitter at KBLP, and the compact Elenos ETG had all the right specs.

Field Report: Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2

The Flames Sports Network sought a way to reduce the equipment load for broadcasts. This compact digital mixer fit the bill.

Side by Side: Newsroom Mixers

There are lots of applications for a small-format mixer. We compare specs on five models that can be rack- or turret-mounted.

Shielded Loop Antennas for the AM Band

Here are some ideas on how to build your own shielded-loop AM antenna.

20 Years of Radio magazine: January 1994

It's been 20 years since the first issue of Radio magazine was published, but its roots go back to 1959.

Currents Headlines from the March 2013 Issue

The online headlines from the March 2013 issue of Radio magazine.

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Links to the advertisers in the March 2013 issue of Radio magazine.