March 2014

March 2014

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Data Storage Could Use a Backup Plan

You may think you have a good data backup plan in place, but it's worth checking again.

The "And More" of Automation

Beyond scheduling, today's radio automation thinks outside the box.

A Capitol Move for WUIS

WUIS public radio puts IP routing to good use.

Testing AM Antennas

While some tasks are best left to a consulting engineer, there are some measurements that can be made as part of a regular maintenance routine.

FCC Enforcement Items to Watch

Lee Petro recaps recent FCC violations so you can learn from the mistakes of others.

New Products (March 2014)

New products to be unveiled at the 2014 NAB Show from Deva, Inovonics, JK Audio, RCS and more.

Field Report: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1

This phantom-powered mic preamp has many uses in your audio toolbox.

Side by Side: IP Codecs

Transporting audio over IP is common in radio. Here are several codecs to help get the job done.

Tech Tips: Test a Microwave Shot at the Receive Site

A handful of attenuators can help you set a benchmark.

Tech Tips: WD-40 and Windex

Remove sticky residue from labels and tape. And then remove the residue from the cleaner.

Tech Tips: Best Ways to Maintain Wiring Documentation

Excel is a common method of tracking a wiring database, but there are other methods. Tell us about yours.

Traditional Radio Still Strong With Millennials

A study shows that changes in media consumption are more obvious in the younger age groups.

This Month in SBE History: Engineers, Certification and the FCC

March is typically a busy month for the SBE leadership.

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The online headlines from the March 2014 issue of Radio magazine.

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