May 2009

May 2009

The 2009 NAB Show is Over

For years exhibitors have been talking about the quality of the attendees being good even though quantity had slipped. This year was the ultimate example of that with fewer attendees, but those who were there were serious buyers.

IP-based STLs

Many of the devices we find in a broadcast facility today communicate by way of IP; what was once kind of a luxury (LAN at the transmitter site) has now pretty much become a necessity.

New Hampshire Public Radio

Although the timeline for the construction project was to be on the air from the new facility by Dec. 31, 2008, in an almost unheard of turn of events, NHPR originated its first broadcast from the facility at 2 p.m. on Dec. 15.

Designing NHPR's Acoustics

Acoustical design for New Hampshire Public Radio started long before the station had even selected a building.

A Better Method of Line Pressurization

The author prefers nitrogen over dessicated air, but he adds two more steps to manage the pressure.

Poor Man's Satellite Dish Deicer

After years of relying on the broom method and not having the budget to invest in a commercial deicer, KLJC engineer Glenn Williams devised his own way to keep the ice away.

HD Radio Time Alignment Tip

Brian Beezley has documented the audible effects of misaligned time delay and mismatched audio, and he has written a handy utility to help keep the analog and digital elements synchronized.

Do you remember MEOV?

MEOV offered a wonderful means of providing a way around a potential difficulty in meeting the approved radiation pattern.

Relaxation of LPFM interference standards

Two bills introduced in Congress would statutorily eliminate LPFM's third-adjacent channel protections to full-power FM stations.

Field Report: JK Audio Bluepack

I was bouncing back and forth between two election night headquarters, cell phone clipped to one hip and the Bluepack on the other. By using a microphone headset I had full hands-free operation.

Field Report: Nautel NV20

The Nautel NV20 is a solid-state FM transmitter capable of running in analog, digital and hybrid modes. The footprint of this box is amazingly small for the power levels attained.

May New Products

New products from AEQ, AKG, Alesis, Audio Engineering Associates, Audio-Technica, Avlex, Clark Wire and Cable, Dalet Digital Media, Fostex, Furman Sound, L-com Global Connectivity, Media Monitors, Olympus, Pinta Acoustic/Sonex, Primera Technology, SM Pro Audio, TC Electronic, Ultimate Support, V-Soft Communications and Wireworks.

FM-Capable Cell Phones and NAB Attendance Stats

Looking back at NAB Show attendance, and looking ahead at FM-capable cell phones.

Sales call for the week of May 14 - May 20

Sales call for the week of May 14 - May 20

Sales Call for the week of May 21 - May 27

Sales Call for the week of May 21 - May 27

Sales call for the week of May 28 - June 3

Sales call for the week of May 28 - June 3

Radio Currents Podcast for May 21, 2009

Radio Currents for May 21, 2009: FCC Acting Chairman Copps wants a three-year broadcast term, Panama selects HD Radio as its digital radio standard, and the FCC seeks comment on the commercialization of the PPM.

Radio Currents Podcast for May 28, 2009

Radio Currents for May 28, 2009: Microsoft will include HD Radio in the next generation of Zune media player, approves a Sanyo HD Radio chipset, the Connecticut School of Broadcasting will reopen its doors, but Aircorp will be closing shop, and Bonneville's Reese will head a search committee to find the next NAB president.

Contributor Pro-File: Mark Nootbaar

This month: Meet Mark Nootbaar, Assistant News Director, WDUQ-FM, Pittsburgh

May 2009 Advertiser Links

Links to the advertisers in the May 2009 issue of Radio magazine.

Insight to IBOC 19 - May 2009

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 19th installment. This issue discusses the electronic program guide project, provides an update on the elevated digital sideband proposal, and looks at the 1,000 multicast streams.