May 2010

May 2010

May 2010

Post-show Recovery

Attendance at the 2010 NAB Show was up, spirits were high, and the media industry in general appears to be on an upswing.

Production from the Field

The market's response to an increased flurry of audio gathering and production in the field has brought us new products and gadgetry.

The Rebuilding Spirit

With the current economic climate and rapid changes in the way we communicate, there are many uncertainties for radio and broadcasting in general. However, Spirit FM is prepared for the future of HD Radio, networking and any other new technology that tops the horizon.

Improvements in Filter Combiners

Increasing the IBOC digital sidebands from -20dBc to -10dBc presents more challenges for broadcasters wanting to transmit from one antenna.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Adds HD Radio

In June 2009, Mississippi Public Broadcasting culminated a multiyear effort and inaugurated two-channel HD Radio transmission to all eight of its Class C FM analog stations.

IBOC by State Comparison 2010

Periodically, we have tracked the progress of the HD Radio rollout by state. Through 2008, the number of stations adding HD Radio saw a steady increase.

IBOC by State Rundown - 2006 - 2010

The HD Radio rollout slowly continues. We compare the state-by-state station counts from 2006 to 2010.

New Products - May 2010

New products from AEA Technology, Belden, Enberg Electronics, Fostex, Korg, Musicam USA, Optim Engineering, Transaudio Group, and Vorsis.

Field Report: Sage Alerting Systems Digital Endec

All-in-all, the changes from the legacy Endec to the Digital Endec are most welcomed. Given the advent of the Internet, the internal Web server makes managing EAS a snap.

Field Report: WorldCast Systems APT WorldNet Oslo

Doug Irwin predicts that Oslo is well on its way to becoming one of those classic pieces of equipment that engineers will talk about for years to come.

Earlier AM Pre-sunrise Operations Proposed

The FCC has invited comments on a proposal that would permit earlier commencement of pre-sunrise (PSR) service by Class D and certain Class B AM stations.

Effects of Tower Standard 222G

The bottom line is that Revision G is a good thing, and the standard authors have crafted an excellent standard.

Satellite Critter Control

Need to keep insects out of the satellite antenna feed horn? A piece of Mylar screen material and a large diameter, stainless-steel hose clamp may be your answer.

Rack Equipment Protection

Most rack covers block access to the equipment. This station needed to protect the exposed face, but maintain full access. See how a back-of-the-rack device found a new home in the front of the rack.

Advertising Expenditures

Advertising is off for all media. In the report we see how the fourth quarter 2009 ad spending was off 6 percent against 2008, with nearly all media improving upon their January-September performance.

Contributor Pro-File: John Morris

This month: John Morris; General Manager; WBVM-FM; Tampa, FL

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