May 2013

May 2013

April 2013 cover

NAB Show 2013: A Silver Convention

2013 marked Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer's 25th NAB convention. He looks back to 1989.

Noise Elimination at WKSU's Akron News Bureau

This high-visibility and high-traffic area got the full acoustic treatment.

Remote Access and Site Connectivity: Wireless

Ways to solve the problem of remote connectivity.

Standards of FM Allocation and Interference

The simple view of interference meaning overlapping signal contours tends to overstate the area of potential interference. Jeremy Ruck explains.

2013 NAB Show in Review, Legally Speaking

Couldn't attend the 2013 NAB Show? Here are a few highlights.

Field Report: Deva Broadcast DB4004

This 1RU device is a feature-packed, DSP-based tool for monitoring single or multiple FM analog station clusters.

Field Report: APT WorldCast Systems Horizon NextGen

All Classical Public Media finds a reliable way to send audio over IP with this codec.

New Products (May 2013)

New Products from Aphex, Broadcast Devices, Rode, Tascam and more.

Side by Side: Mic Processors

Six stand-alone mic processors are examined side by side.

Cutting Holes in Laminate

Learn the best way to cut holes in laminated furniture.

Floor Plans and Furniture Design

Take the studio floor plan and place the furniture design on top of it to avoid some common problems.

Antenna Installation

A pigtail jumper eliminates the potential problem of connecting a transmission line to an antenna.

20 Years of Radio magazine: May 1994

The 1994 NAB convention review and Pick Hits, digital cart machines, and ISDN were some of the topics covered.

Currents Headlines from the May 2013 Issue

The online headlines from the May 2013 issue of Radio magazine.

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Links to the advertisers in the May 2013 issue of Radio magazine.