May 2014

May 2014

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These Products Were "Best of Show"

All nominated and winning products will be recognized in a post-show, digital Best of Show Program Guide delivered to readers.

Beasley Builds Anew in Las Vegas

After several acquisitions, Beasley had five stations operating from three different facilities around the area.

Trends in Technology: AM Radio

Industry talk is on improving AM, but is it worth the investment?

We Ponder an All-Digital AM Future

No doubt as an engineer you have experienced the “buzz saw” on the AM band from adjacent facilities, particularly at night, or been charged with running your station in digital.

Regulating E-Cigarettes, LPFMs, and Digital-Only Political Ads

Lee Petro reviews several subjects discussed at the 2014 NAB Show.

Applied Technology: The New Face of Radio

David Holland discusses the challenges of designing radio studios for video.

Side by Side: All-in-One PAs

Having a portable PA on site provides a better way to deliver the audio to cover an area, and the PA offers greater flexibility at the remote site.

DAA Modules, DIY Interfaces, and Directional Couplers

Doug Irwin and others share useful tips, tricks and hints.

This Month in SBE History: What''s in a Name?

Over the years, the Society of Broadcast Engineers has faced challenges with its own name because of the use of the word “engineer.”

BIA/Kelsey Releases Annual U.S. Local Media Forecast

Here are some of the findings from the most recent BIA/Kelsey forecast.