November 2010

November 2010

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A Different Radio Show

If the NAB/RAB want to host a fall show, the technical aspect needs to be revised.

Choosing an Audio Interface

Whether you do a little or do a lot, there are many choices to meet your needs.

CBC/Radio-Canada's French Radio Service Upgrades Facilities

Determined to increase operating efficiencies by having a more advanced means of gathering and managing program material from multiple sources located throughout Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada's has reached a lofty milestone in its multi-year plan to enhance its facilities.

Insight to IBOC 23 - Nov 2010

The Radio magazine DAB Answer series continues with the 23rd installment, which looks at the data capability of HD Radio and details a Worldband Media HD Radio multicast channel.

Multimedia for Digital Radio

Digital radio can deliver exciting new revenue streams to broadcasters by leveraging data and file transfer capabilities that will enhance the listener experience with multimedia elements such as album art, liner and programming notes, news, weather, traffic and sports to broadcasts.

WorldBand Media Delivers on HD2

The format delivered by WRKS's HD2 stream is known as HumDesi Radio, and according to their website, HumDesi radio is the largest south Asian radio network.

Calculating STL Fade Margin

Understanding the mechanics of your RF program delivery system, and maintaining a keen grasp of the associated fade margin can go a long way to diagnosing the rare, but ultimately problematic impact path failure can have.

FCC Plans Crack-down on Silent Stations

The Commission's records show that nearly 200 AM and FM stations reported being off-the-air as of Sept. 1, 2010.

Field Report: AirTools Multiband Processor 2m

There are lots of situations in a radio station where we could use some help with audio. Maybe it''s with the phones, the stream or the headphone processing.

Field Report: Broadcast Tools Site Sentinel 4

Now that he knows how easy the Site Sentinel 4 is to program and the multitude of user-friendly features available, Michael Bradford has already planned on an expansion at the Michigan Farm Radio Network uplink.

New Products (November 2010)

New products from Arrakis, Belden, Gepco, Tascam, VeriCorder Technology and Vortex Communications.

Upgrades and Updates (Nov 2010)

Updates from Audemat, TransLanTech, iBiquity Digital, and Telos Systems.

Return to the Planet of the Apps

Last month Editor Chriss Scherer highlighted some apps that may be useful to a broadcast engineer. We received lots of additional suggestions.

That Was Then: Mike Moore

Mike Moore has been in the radio business for 50 years.

Sample and Hold: Media Usage in Car

A three-country online survey conducted by Vision Critical outlined the beginning of important changes to in-car media usage, many of which have a potential impact on radio.

Currents Headlines from the November 2010 Issue

The online headlines from the November 2010 issue of Radio magazine.

Contributor Pro-File: Jeff Smith

This month: Jeff Smith; Supervisor of Studio Systems; Clear Channel Radio; NYC

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