November 2011

November 2011

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An End to the Automation Patent Claim?

Mission Abstract Data still has until Dec. 2012 to appeal, but for now it's good news to radio stations.

Trends in Technology: Prefabricated Shelters

A prefabricated shelter can be an affordable, practical option when the time comes to build a new site.

Merlin Media Updates on a Very Short Schedule

After Merlin Media took over stations in Chicago and New York, a format change required some major facility modifications. The project was complete in about one month.

Directional Antenna Basics

Jeremy Ruck reviews the basics of directional antenna arrays.

FM Translator Moves Granted Under Certain Circumstances

The FCC has proposed the adoption of "floors" that would limit the processing of FM translators in markets where there was not sufficient spectrum for the introduction of future LPFM stations.

Field Report: Adobe Audition CS5.5

With its 5.5 release, Audition is now available for Mac users.

Field Report: Olympus DM-620

The most unique feature of this recorder is the Tresmic 3 microphone system.

Side by Side: Telephone Hybrids

While newer technology for telephony exists, the POTS line is still in common use. We picked four popular single-line telephone hybrids to compare.

New Products (November 2011)

New products from Audio-Technica, Auralex, Clark Wire and Cable, ERI and more.

Tech Tips: Using Ferrites

Ferrites are helpful components in the fight against RF interference.

That Was Then: W1XOJ Boston

W1XOJ at one time had a CP for 300kW on 42MHz.

Sample and Hold: Mobile Local Ad Revenues to Grow

Among the drivers of mobile ad revenue growth are smartphone penetration, mobile Web usage and related increases in ad inventory.

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