November 2012

November 2012

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A Future for Streaming

Don''t think streaming has a future? It slowly continues to grow, and some studies show the next steps for its success.

Universal Studios Radio is All About the Wow

Radio magazine has profiled the radio studios at Universal Studios Orlando before, but it was time for a return visit.

Reliability in the Data Center

Call it the rack room or technical operations, the hub of the station is really a data center, and it should be as reliable as possible.

Selecting an FM Antenna

Regardless of which antenna you select, the best quality antenna you can afford should be chosen as this is the last item in your transmission chain, and the last point over which you have control of your signal.

FCC Investigates Market Mod Modifications

The FCC is tweaking its rules relating to community of license changes for radio stations. Part of the effort is to ensure that rural areas retain local radio service.

New Products (November 2012)

New Products from Belar, Genelec, Roland, Sony Creative Software and more.

Field Report: AKG HSC 271, HSD 271

The talent microphone offers the first impression listeners hear for a remote broadcast. These AKG headsets deliver superior reproduction and tout some additional features.

Field Report: JK Audio RemoteMix One, BluePack

Connecting a professional microphone to a tiny 3.5mm TRRS cell phone connection can be a challenge without a proper interface. But that's what these two devices from JK Audio are for.

Side by Side: Apps for Field Contribution

With so many smartphones in use, why not take advantage of the available resource to send high-quality audio back to the studio? Here are some apps that let you do that.

Reception Issues Resolved

Need to pick up multiple FM signal from different directions? Here are some methods that will capture weak signals.

Radio K: 100 Years of Broadcasting

Radio K at the University of Minnesota celebrates 100 years of broadcasting from its first transmission via Morse Code in 1912.

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The online headlines from the November 2012 issue of Radio magazine.

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